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Our grooving machine is a machine for stationary use in a factory or workshop.
the grooving machine that we developed and engineered is the GM1 and the GM2 both machines are pressing with a groove wheel a groove in the end of the pipe. Inside the metal pipe a drive wheel is rotating the pipe to get all around the pipe a accurate groove that is everywhere the same depth and dimension.

the GM1 is a grooving machine for pipes up to 6 mm of wall thickess, the machine is controlled by a touchscreen and the machine is operated by IPC software.

the GM2 is a grooving machine for pipes up to 6 mm of wall thickess, the machine is controlled by a touchscreen and the machine is operated by IPC software.

In both machines the operator could preset the depth of the groove by one tenth of a millimeter.

Watch the video below of how these pipe roll grooving machines operate.
If you have high quantitities of grooves to make and with high accuracy our stationary pipe roll grooving machineryare very suitable.
We manufacture machine that are very stable and durable also they are manufactured and engineered for heavy duty industrial use.

We could even offer you complete productionlines for pipe end grooving on both sides of the pipe.
Our roll groovers are designed for every day use, to get your required grooved pipe end.

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grooving pipe pipe grooving machine

roll groove machine

Our groove machine for sprinkler purposes is solid and durable constructed for heavy duty use and accurate grooving of metal pipe ends. This grooving is for sprinkler or irrigation purposes.

The grooves on both ends of two pipe ends could be joined together with a sprinkler coupling.

The machine enables you to groove pipes with the correct depth, you could adjust the grooving depth by one tenth of a millimetre by changing the setting on the machine. Watch the video of our Groove Master Grooving machine for pipes to get familiar with the principal idea of how this machine works.

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pipe roll grooving machine video

Sprinkler pipes

Sprinkler pipes by our Grooving machine

in order to get sprinkler pipes that are suitable for sprinker fire extinguisher systems, the metal pipes ends have to be grooved in order to get a possible bases to put the coupling on.
our GM1 and GM2 pipe roll grooving machines are suitable for preparing the pipes with grooved end.
grooving pipe is a proces where a drive wheels in inside the pipe and it is rotating the pipes the other wheels is a grooving wheels that is pressing with a bigger wheel a groove in the pipe.

to get an accurate grooved pipe the roll groover or so called roll grooving machine should be accurate in it's settings to get the perfect depth in the groove that the coupling will hold. the coupling is causing that the two pipe ends will hold together and that water can be processed through these pipes in the sprinkler tubing system when a fire occurs.

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