Groove machine

Groove machine

Groove Master_Groove Machine

Groove machine

Our groove machine for sprinkler purposes is solid and durable constructed for heavy duty use and accurate grooving of metal pipe ends. This grooving is for sprinkler or irrigation purposes.

The grooves on both ends of two pipe ends could be joined together with a sprinkler coupling.

The machine enables you to groove pipes with the correct depth, you could adjust the grooving depth by one tenth of a millimetre by changing the setting on the machine. Watch the video of our Groove Master Grooving machine for pipes to get familiar with the principal idea of how this machine works.

This is a stationary groove machine for metal pipes, the machine could groove carbon steel and some stainless steel types of material. Could use for questions about this machine.

COPIER manufacturer’s and engineer’s pipe roll grooving machines since 1997 in it’s factory in the Netherlands. All the machines are IPC controlled. We could even offer automated productionlines for pipe roll grooving automatically on both ends of the pipe.

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Groove machine GM2 video

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