Pipe end with bevel

It is the metal pipe end that needs to bevelled, the pipe end beveling or pipe end finishing is a way to get a accurate weld surface as base before the welding is started.

In order to get a bevelled end pipe you need to clamp the pipe on our machine, if the pipe is brought in the right position in front of the chuck the pipe end could be machined by the chuck cutting while rotating. The cutting is done by a cutting bit that is on the toolholder and the toolholder is mounted on the chuck.

Beveled end pipe or bevelled end pipe

Both bevelled or beveled can be used. Beveling or bevelling means machining a pipe end by cutting a way material in order to get a angle on the pipe. This angle is needed to get a good weld preparation. The weld preparation is the base to start from before you begin with welding the pipe.

All the words chamfering, beveling or bevelling mean the same namely making a welding edge preparation. In pipe fabrication pipes are welded together in the offshore industry, oil and gas industry, ship construction, pressure vessels & heat exchanger construction or the boiler and tank construction industries. In all these industries the factories or the workshop need to bevel pipes in order to get a bevel angle on the metal pipe end.

Our machines are capable on offering beveled pipe ends that are according the requirements of the customer. Very common bevel angles are 30 degrees bevels, 37.5 degrees bevels or J-bevels.

Our machines can also do tapering, counter boring, facing, tulip bevels, external and internal bevel and other special bevel shapes.
go to this link for our toolingsets for different end preparations on pipe machining.

pipe end with bevel

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