pipe roll grooving machine
pipe roll grooving machine
Groove master, pipe roll grooving machine
pipe roll grooving set 01
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GM2 Groove Master

GM2 Groove Master, stationary pipe roll grooving machine

Controls : IPC controlled version 2.0
Machining range : from OD 3/4” to 24”.
Wall thickness : up to 9 mm.
Operating : through IPC touchscreen.
Electrical : electricity 480V 3 phase 60 Hz
Centre height of pipe : variable between 105 cm and 107 cm of height.
Weight machine : about 1800 kgs
Outer dimensions : length 105cm x width 98cm x height 150 cm.

This roll grooving machines are working mechanical – electrical, IPC controlled. Capacity from the GM2 is from 1” up to 12” and wall thickness up to 8 mm. Roll grooving time for 4” and 4 mm wall thickness about 25 seconds side .

Compared to the hydraulic driven grooving machines you have the following advantages:

• Easy and quick set up on the touch screen, no mechanical adjustments for the grooving depth
• Easy to adjust during operation (if required
• Less flaring because of high control of the grooving process
• No hydraulics involved, low noise, no leakage
• Easy to install and to move in the factory

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